Monday, June 8

June...oops I missed a month!

It's been a while. The garden has kept me busy. 9 tomato plants are in the ground, one has been saved for an experiment in hanging tomatoes (don't ask why, I'm not sure myself). The peas have sprouted, lettuce and spinach have true leaves, and there are rumors of carrots in the garden, next to the onions. The beans are doing very well also.

Half the garden has been seeded with dwarf sunflowers and zinnias, in hopes of a decent floral show for the summer.

The peach tree and apple trees have set fruit already, and miraculously survived the late frost we had last week. Petunias are a bit frost-bitten, but should make it. Tomatoes and flower sprouts were covered in a rush of panic the night before.

Rhubarb already has a zillion holes in the leaves from some slug or something - but you can't really kill rhubarb, can you? I'm starting to wonder what I'll do with the 5.5 plants worth of rhubarb that we won't use - it's not like we'll live on rhubarb for a year.

I don't think the food pantry really cares much about rhubarb, either, but I'm sure I can find some volunteer to take some of it.