Tuesday, June 5

Transit of Venus

The resolution is lousy, but a makeshift telescope from binoculars and a copy paper box works well enough to see the transit.

Monday, May 28

Nearly finished front garden

A few plants are still in pots, and the mulch is not even on site, but you can see the new landscaping.  The photo of the pathway shows how I added two drainage pathways, one on either side of the path. Lined with traffic bond and landscape cloth, and finished with small river stones.  The hope is that any water draining from the driveway will take this path and not washout the garden beds.

Thursday, May 17

Garden in progress.

A view of the partially planted garden bed.  The pile of wood chips is what remains of the oak tree that fell.

Tuesday, May 8

The giant has been brought down.

This tree was at least 150 years old.  The ground has drained enough from recent rains to finally take it down safely.  It will be a while before it dries up enough to drag out the logs.

Such a shame to lose a grand old oak.

Monday, March 19

I may be crazy...

Some last minute contract work had me digging up the rock wall before heavy equipment comes through.  Poor planning had me doing this after 5pm.  Yeah, not fun to finish in the dark.  The daffodils, creeping phlox, Irish moss, herbs, strawberries, and elfin thyme have all been temporarily potted and relocated.  I found seven hostas. Not sure how many there were, and please don't tell me, unless it was seven.

Photos of the madness ....

Saturday, March 17

An early spring?

Everything is budding out because of this terribly warm weather.  I fear we are in for a rude April and May.