Monday, May 17

The suspect....

So, is this poison ivy?

I don't have a clue as to what I'm looking for, as I've never reacted to it (and thus, "why should I care?")

But if it is...I probably should kill it off. Any suggestions? This spot can get Roundup, given the location under our deck, but the other areas that are suspect have plants we want to keep as well as the suspect.

Sunday, May 9

A Blustery Week...and a freeze

There has been a lot of wind lately - enough to make me worried about a few saplings that might not handle the strain. This tree, however, seems to be doing just fine in spite of the wind. Normally, this is a vertical trunk, but I'm starting to wonder if the trees will take on a permanent list.
You can see the garden just past the tree, tilled, and some beds already planted for the year. I can't remember having the garden started this early. Makes me pine for some of those klotches or 'wallo water' mini-greenhouses so I could get my tomatoes in early.
The creeping phlox is blooming - I love how it tumbles across the stones in the rock wall. Normally, I'm not a pink person, but the pink colors on these are a nice contrast to the green and the granite.
The hostas along the foundation are coming in nicely as well as the lady's mantle and something whose name escapes me right now. Never mind, though, since we've had a frost this weekend, and I'm afraid many of these plants will be stunted or killed off outright. Our early summer was beautiful while it lasted, but that's about it.
The peach tree also has flowers, though I haven't had the nerve to go check it out and see the damage. The tent caterpillars were cut off a couple weeks ago, caught them somewhat early, as were some other scab-type bugs. The leaf-curl is still a battle so I'll be spraying the tree this week (if the wind cooperates).