Monday, June 11

10 June - Fruit

These are a variety of 'wild' strawberry, those little tiny berries that have more taste than a quart bought in the store. The 'lipstick' strawberries also have a couple fruits, though that's pretty uncommon. I've only gotten to eat a couple, as the birds and chipmunks have beat me to most of them. I have another sunny slope that I'll be planting more berries on, an area that is somewhat difficult to mow right now.

After last year's single peach, we have about 30 this year. Unfortunately, we also have bugs. I'm going to have to look this pest up, but it appears I may need to spray something on the tree. Since I'd rather not eat insecticide, I may try some waxed-paper bags to wrap the fruit in -- I've heard rumors these work well, but have never tried it myself.

The area around the electrical box has come back somewhat this year. The Carnations are not perennial (wrong label - oops!), so they did not come back at all. I tore up the soapwort, as it was taking over the bed (a single plant had spread to a 5' circle). The Columbine are coming along nicely, however. Seven more plants have been started for filling in the gaps where it didn't take, or I planted too far apart. The delicate flowers really are turning out quite nice.

The front bed is starting to fill in. You can see some of the grasses and flowers growing already. The hydrangea is about a foot tall. As I feared, the Pampas grass is very dead. I'll replace it with some other ornamental grass, perhaps Millet.

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Jessica said...

Very pretty. I have a dead pampas grass too. Suck-ola!

Happy gardening!