Saturday, July 12

The weeds rule my garden

I've been neglecting my garden. I have all my pepper plants in trays in my basement under lights (um, still). Most of the vegetable garden is weed-ridden right now, but I'm slowly making progress.

Carrots and lettuce are doing well, peas were planted way too late & have yet to produce. Beans are showing strong, however.

The recent flooding and rains left the garden under 4" of standing water for more than a week - that killed off all the melons - I never knew they were susceptible to drowning.

Perennials are doing well, I'll try to post some photos this week, but the front bed of black-eyed-susans and Maltese cross is amazing. The day lilies are filling in nicely, but I'm still fighting the thistle problem by the electrical box.


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littlebumber said...

Hello Mickey, long time no see you. I remember you well from the drop in club in monona. Your favorite saying was "its like the pot calling the kettle black".
I live in New Lisbon now, and have a garden but it too was crap this year. Only thing we got was weeds and more weeds. We planted to late frost was late in May and so we put it off thinking it wouldn't matter planting after the first of June.
E me I would love to hear from you.
Dennis Becker