Saturday, December 27

Garden Planner Spreadsheet

I've been putting this spreadsheet together for several years now, and it's finally in a fairly useful stage. Since I haven't been convinced by anyone to make it into a 'real' application, it's currently in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, with heavy use of multi-worksheet formulas, form controls, and a couple macros.

The final output (at right) is a form with drop-down crop variety selections, room for cultivars, order info, source, and it automatically populates a weekly calendar with tasks for the garden. The succession planting column allows for scheduling multiple iterations of the crop without confusing the scheduler. Everything is based off the Last Frost date as entered in the spreadsheet, so the scheduler is portable to other zones.

Future improvements I'm still working on are a automatic bed plan, and some different output options for the schedule. The bed plan will order crops by family (Legumes, Brassicas, Roots, Curcurbits & Grains, Solanaceae, and Alliaceae); and keeps historical records from the last several years of crops to facilitate rotation for pest control and maintain soil nutrients. Schedule output options I'd like to add are a printable schedule based on popular binder-style planners, and outputs to Microsoft Outlook and/or Google Calendar appointment systems.

I've created a small version that I could email, if you want to try it out for yourself.



Jacob said...

Dear Mickey.

Could you email me a copy of your spreadsheet to pinkmetronome at yahoo co uk. Many thanks, I will give it a spin and let you know how it goes.

Many thanks

Mickey said...

Sure, I will email it to you today. I appreciate your help.


Jessica said...

Wow, that looks amazing. If you still need a tester i'd love to take a look.

jes si ca e mau rice at gmail dot com

just take spaces out. :)

jhaas said...

hi Mickey, I'd like to take a stab at this too. I'm planning/plotting to have several gardens this year, and this would be a very useful tool. Actually having numbers to show people the results from my growing projects would be very useful in promoting the cause.

You can reach me at
h aa z a h atmark gmail dot com

much obliged!

Jason Haas

Jessica said...

Could you send the excel file to me - I live in SW Wisconsin and have contemplated making one on my own for this year. I'm a first time gardener and have gotten overwhelmed trying to schedule everything. I'd love to see yours. Thanks a bunch!

Tim said...


I have been searching for something like the spreadsheet you've designed. Would you send it to me to try out?

Thanks much,
tim dot nutter at gmail dot com (no spaces)

Jenimal said...

Hey Mickey,
I thought I'd check out your website to see if any WI gardening was happening yet and saw the app.. that looks totally cool and WAY more orginized than I've ever been!

If you are still looking for testers.. or more input I could take a look, or better yet send it to the Pres of our garden club here at work. A bunch of physics geeks/organic gardeners would be drooling over a dataset like this!

Andy T said...

I just moved to Wisconsin and found your site while looking for what crops work and don't work in central WI. I'd liket o use your spreadsheet too.

Many thanks!