Sunday, April 10

Spring spring spring!

Well, a false spring at least. It was 80 degrees (F) today - far warmer than seasonal for April, but we got some good work accomplished in the garden. I believe this is the earliest ever for having the garden tilled completely. Spent several hours Friday and Saturday removing the worst weeds, raking up the leftover mulch, and discarding old plants. We even uncovered several dozen volunteer onion plants that were transplanted to the onion bed along with 300 new sets and a row of garlic (for the fun of it). Even a few forgotten carrots were found & quickly consumed. Since the tilling went well, I expect seed potatoes to go into the garden this week, after I have had a chance to cut them and let them dry. Still looking for some red or blue-fleshed potatoes, and will hit up a garden store or two tomorrow on this quest. Seeds have been started for peppers, broccoli, cauliflower, brussles sprouts, napa cabbage, and some lettuces. This week, tomatoes will be started, as well as more lettuces. I have 1.5 dozen impatiens started as well, for the heck of it. With any luck, this is the year we get rid of the rock pile and make a nice, liveable, fun, area there....we'll see what the coffers can supply.

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