Thursday, January 19

The Herbs

I gave a good list of the upcoming vegetables, now for the herbs.

BASIL - every type I can find. Basil seems to be a great addition to most summer salads.

CHIVES - A couple varieties (Garlic, Garden). I want to get a well-established clump in my retaining wall for future harvesting & dehydrating.

DILL - I've never properly grown dill to have it ready to harvest along with the cucumbers for pickles. Then again, I've never gotten cucumbers to grow well, either. The definition of insanity is continuing to do the same thing you've always done, but expecting different results.

MARJORAM - a good addition to the spice cupboard.

MINT - carefully grown in a bucket to prevent spreading. The last thing I need is invasive mint taking over!

OREGANO - several varieties. I prefer fresh oregano in spaghetti sauces.

SAGE - again, several varieties. Sage-wrapped, roasted chicken breast is wonderful.

THYME - Mostly the creeping variety. I use this as a ground-cover in my herb garden. As it is stepped upon, the fragrance is released and smells wonderful. Winter and Summer Thyme for cooking.

SAVORY - another cooking herb. Usually this ends up in a pot in my kitchen.

ROSEMARY - Another potted plant.


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