Wednesday, August 5

Updates from 8-5-09

Sylvesta butterhead lettuce - it really is as yummy as it looks.

The beans, well some of them. On the left are Jacob's Cattle Heirloom. On the right are Fortex.

The pepper plants, you can see some sweet 'banana' style peppers on the plant in front on the left. I'm not really all that optimistic about the peppers this year.

Tomatoes - Nearest are cherry, then paste/salad, and finally beefsteak. Closeups of the fruit were blurry, so they're not posted. Nothing is ripe yet.

The weed patch, with zinnias and, yes, here are a few sunflowers that survived the frost!

Mint on the rock wall, I thought the contrast made a nice composition.

Three hazelnut (filbert) bushes. They even have nuts this year, though not many. The bushes are filling out well, considering they started out as twigs in 8" pots. Each plant is about 4-5 feet in diameter, and 4 feet tall.

Something has been making dinners out of my apples this week... they're not really ripe yet, so I'm baffled by the lack of fruit suddenly. Perhaps a deer with a taste for sour?

My weird Black-Eyed Susans. These have always been green-ish petals, haven't a clue as to why, but I'll assume some weird recessive gene or a disease of some sort. I think they look pretty neat, so I keep them around.

Some wildflowers, grass, and a hosta... nothing very exciting, but a nice enough photo.

This is/was/may still be a lilac. "I'm not dead yet!"

Peaches! Lots and lots of peaches - at least three dozen still on the tree. The setting sun makes the blush on the fruit that much more appealing, but these fellas are still rock-hard. I'll be checking them every day or every other day at the latest - I have no desire to let them go to the wildlife.

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