Saturday, April 15

15 April - Easter Saturday

Early warm spell here, it's been 80 degrees for two days now. After a few thunderstorms this week, the sunny weekend is allowing me to prep garden beds for planting.

The front electrical box bed is weeded, the mulch raked to the inside, and I'm adjusting the rocks for a smoother edge to mow around. The weeds had already sprouted, so I had some visual help where to dig up the roots. (after 20 years of this, I'm finally learning to weed the entire root system before I plant to reduce work later) Since the soil is still significantly clay, adding an inch of peat moss should help break up the clumps. Stella de Oro Daylilies were planted. They will bloom all summer and provide consistent color for years. I'll expect to dig and divide them in a few years, but that will just give me more lilies to plant elswhere.


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