Sunday, April 9

April 9 - Garden Chores

As you can see, the sprouts are doing great - the strawberries and lettuce are pictured at the right. Most of the grasses have graduated to windowsill status, and made room for the nexd batch of seedlings. The Impatiens are not doing so well, however. I think the pelleted seed is not properly getting soaked by the bottom-watering (several have sprouted in the last week since I've been top-watering those trays.) We'll see how they do for a late May planting.

Peppers and Tomatoes are being started as space permits. They do take up quite a bit more room than the rest (I'm starting them in quart containers)

The garden is getting an overhaul this spring. We've squared up the corners and installed permanent fencing along two sides (the tiller needs to access the rest, so two sides have semi-permanent fencing). I'll post more photos as we get it set up. The side will have flower beds, the other side will have the compost bins and tree seedling beds. It's starting to look like a planned feature, rather than a haphazard one.


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