Saturday, April 29

29 April - What is this?

I spent part of today weeding the rock wall, which seems to be breeding a healthy crop of dandelions this year, and came upon this. I haven't the slightest clue what it is supposed to be, the leaves are about 2-3 inches long, mottled brown and green, and glossy. It doesn't look like a
weed, but the last time I said that, I ended up with a vine of some variety overrunning my cucumbers in the garden. So Ill watch this very carefully, and try to look it up. If anyone can identify it, send an email.


vivian said...

hi Mickey, that is a trout lilly. It is a very early wildflower that doesn't always produce a bloom. When it does, it has a lovely, fragile yellow that only lasts about two to three days.

Mickey said...

Too bad I haven't seen my trout lily in a few years... I think a chipmunk ate it last year (there was a hole in the ground at that spot). :-(