Sunday, April 23

23 April - getting the garden ready

The garden is tilled, and most of the fencing is back up. (and some of the raised perennial bed is placed, the timbers in the front.) You can also see the row of markers where I planted 300 onion sets.

Yes, the flags are courtesy of digger's hotline (from the last round of work on our front yard), but no, they don't mark buried utilities.

Some dimensions for you, the garden is about 30' x 35', with a 5-foot pathway through the center (for driving the lawn tractor) To the rear of the photo, you can see the compost bins, and the seedling bed for the trees we get from the DNR program. The gates need to be upgroded (you can see the crack in the frame), but that can wait for a slow spell in summer.

The rock wall is starting to recover from winter, you can see the Daffodills are in bloom, and the green patches are strawberries, herbs, and creeping phlox.


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